Twisted City Global

‘Art inspired by city life and urban culture”

"Twisted City Global"

Twisted City Global

‘’Twisted City Flowers”

TCG "Twisted City Flowers"

‘’Twisted City Global Art”

“Hard Knock Life”

Hard Knock Life Collection

“Twisted City Lion On The Prowl”

Lion Collection

TCG "Roving Lion"

“Twisted City Global Lion”

Lion Collection

TCG "Lion Collection"
Twisted City Global Elephant symbolizes the charter traits of an elephant. Intelligence, compassion, self-awareness, and loyalty are essential characteristics of TC

“Twisted City Global Elephant”

Twisted City Global Elephant signifies strength, intelligence, compassion, loyalty, and self-awareness.

TCG "Elephant"

Twisted City Global Butterfly

The butterfly embodies style and design and it’s signature art is casted on it’s wings

TCG "Butter Fly"

Twisted City Global "Whale Tail"

The identity of a humpback whale is directly related to the print on his tail.

TCG "Whale Tail"

Twisted City Global "Golfer"

The success of a golfer is directly related to his determination, focus, form, and strength.

TCG "Golfer"

Twisted City Global "Giraffe"

The giraffe represents intelligence and behavioral adaptability all of which are essential tools to survive in the city.

TCG "Giraffe"

Twisted City Global "Skater"

A great skater is creative, smart, courageous, and strong.

TCG "Skater" Shirt

Twisted City Global Signature “Dunk”

“Keep your eyes focused on your goal and plan to break out and dunk on it”

"The Dunk" Tank Top

Twisted City Global Signature "The Monkeys"

"We hustle hard every day, its nothing wrong monkeying around sometimes.”

"The Monkeys" Hoodie

Twisted City Global “Koi Fish”

“We are the Koi Fish and the city is our pond. Koi is one of the strongest living creatures, they swim vigoursly even in cold waters. Koi live long and healthy in a pond because of there strength.”

TCG “Koi Fish”

Twisted City Global "Rhino"

"City life requires us to be calm, stubborn, curious, and explosive at times. Just like a Rhino we benefit from the love of being cautious."